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Equal Entrance Blog

  • Jalsa Salana Qadian: A Unique Spiritual Experience

    Jalsa Qadian is a historic event and must be attended at least once in a lifetime to fully absorb the feel of equality, diversity and spirituality in a purely Islamic environment. 
  • A Bittersweet Mosque Experience

    This Friday, I attended my local mosque for Friday prayers after 67 weeks. I distinctly remember the last time I picked my kids up after their Sunday class on a cold March afternoon. Little did I know that I wont be coming back anytime soon.
  • Maintaining Prayers in the Pandemic

    For a Muslim, a mosque is the principal place to worship, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and God does not only live inside a mosque. He is all around us. We adapted the way we prayed according to the situation throughout the pandemic, and this kept us close to God in the same way as going to a mosque would have done, and will do, once the situation is safe enough to fully open mosques again.
  • Finding Peace at a Mosque in Toronto

    By Sidratul Muntaha, Toronto, Canada Mosques play a vital role throughout the life of a Muslim, no matter where they live. I have spent most of my...
  • My Masjid, My Home

    By Maariya Rehman The Baitus Samee Mosque of greater Houston is a place I really miss. I, and many other youths today are feeling a strange emptine...


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