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Like Muhammad (pbuh) Loved Khadijah (ra)

The union of Khadija (ra) and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is one of the most beautiful love stories in human history. The most fascinating thing is that it smashed so many stereotypes associated with women. 

Khadija (ra) was a noble, empowered and successful woman in 6th century Arabia. Women’s empowerment was unheard of in those days as majority women were subjugated and oppressed. Yet, Khadia earned the title of “Princess of Quraysh.” She inherited a lucrative business from her father and was one the great minds in the business world. Again, there was no concept of women inheriting any wealth from their fathers. Instead, they were often given away to other men as property. She was an international trader and used to send her caravans to Syria and Damascus to trade silk, pottery, and furniture. She was a widow and a divorcee and a single mom, which was considered a taboo in 6th century Arabia, just like now. But none of this deterred her from flourishing as a successful businesswoman. A long list of suitors sought her hand in marriage because of her unprecedented success. But she turned them all down. It appeared not a single person could reach her stature, except one.

Khadia (ra) met Muhammad (pbuh) through a trade expedition in which she first hired him to manage a trade caravan to Syria. After noticing his nobility of character and honesty in financial matters, she decided to propose to Muhammad (pbuh) in marriage. In that single decision, she shattered another set of ludicrous stereotypes. Not only that she was a window and a divorcee and a single mom, she was also 15 years senior of Muhammad (pbuh) who himself was never married before. And she was the one proposing to a man, rather than him proposing her. Not only that none of this mattered to her, but what makes this story more romantic is that it didn't matter to him either. Muhammad (pbuh) too had winessed the nobility and elegance of Khadija (ra). They both agreed to marry and that started a strong bond of marriage, so powerful that it changed the course of history. 

Once married, the couple used their wealth to purchase and free every slave they could. She gave all her riches to the poor to eradicate poverty. Hence, they started off by spreading love in the society. Together, they had 4 beautiful daughters. And 15 years into the marriage, their lives changed forever. It was the beginning of a new era in the history of mankind. God entrusted Muhammad with prophethood. Unsure of what was happening to him, he confined in Khadija, who not only consoled him but also immediately accepted him as God’s prophet. Yes, Khadija was the first person to accept Islam, a woman was the first Muslim.

After that, the testing began, the trials came one after another. Friends became foes, and foes became staunch enemies. No stone was left unturned to persecute that beautiful family. Khadija stood by her husband on every step of the journey. And in the last 3 years of her life, the family and a handful of their friends were socially and economically boycotted, so much so that they survived on leaves and roots. The lack of nutritious food and hardships of life had a negative effect on Khadija’s health who was in her mid sixties now. And 10 years after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) announced his prophethood, his beloved companion, his Khadija passed away. That year is remembered as “the year of grief” in Islamic history.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) remembered her till his las breath despite marrying other women. Many years later, he came across a necklace that once belonged to his beloved Khadija and he couldn't control his tears. This is the pristine story of bonding, sacrifice, patience, perseverance and above all pristine love.

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  • Thank you for this post it is really enlightening

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