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Equal Entrance Blog

  • A Bittersweet Mosque Experience

    This Friday, I attended my local mosque for Friday prayers after 67 weeks. I distinctly remember the last time I picked my kids up after their Sunday class on a cold March afternoon. Little did I know that I wont be coming back anytime soon.
  • Maintaining Prayers in the Pandemic

    For a Muslim, a mosque is the principal place to worship, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and God does not only live inside a mosque. He is all around us. We adapted the way we prayed according to the situation throughout the pandemic, and this kept us close to God in the same way as going to a mosque would have done, and will do, once the situation is safe enough to fully open mosques again.
  • Heaven Found under the Feet of Mothers

    May this pandemic be a wake up call for us to take care of our parents, especially mothers. They deserve much more than a single Mothers Day celebration. Let's give them the pleasure of being close to us, even if it is a meaningful FaceTime call. Let's listen to the tales of their childhood and youth without being annoyed. Lets make each day of the year, Mothers day, for heaven is under their feet.
  • Parenting in a Pandemic

    This job is challenging when we’re not in a pandemic. However, I wouldn’t recommend it in a pandemic. There are many things on pause.  Schooling and socialisation. Working in an office and not your home office. 


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