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Equal Entrance Blog

  • Silenced Voices: Reflections on Election Day in Pakistan


    On Pakistan's Election Day, while many express their sentiments on social media, I reflect on the privilege of voting, denied to me as an Ahmadi. Since the 1970s, Ahmadis have been marginalized, branded non-Muslims, and excluded from the democratic process. Despite proving my patriotism in Pakistan, discrimination persisted. Even abroad, I face scrutiny over my identity. Speaking out against Ahmadi persecution is often misconstrued as disloyalty. Yet, my love for Pakistan remains steadfast. I urge those hesitant to vote to reconsider; it's both a privilege and a duty. Let's shape our nation's future together.

  • Jalsa Salana Qadian: A Unique Spiritual Experience

    Jalsa Qadian is a historic event and must be attended at least once in a lifetime to fully absorb the feel of equality, diversity and spirituality in a purely Islamic environment. 
  • The Double Standard Muslims Won’t Talk About

    In Canada, Madiha, a Pakistani Muslim environmental engineer, along with her family had her life cut short. A white supremacist attacked and killed her and her family with his truck. On June 12, they were laid to rest in London, Ontario. In Pakistan, a large mob opposed the burial of an Ahmadi Muslim grandma in her ancestral village. As a Pakistani, Ahmadi Muslim, immigrant to north America, both of these incidents painfully hit home. 


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