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  • Education is Key to Post COVID-19 Recovery

    Returning to schools for in person learning has been one of the most difficult conundrums for policy makers, teachers, students and parents to come to terms with. On the one hand, we still see Coronavirus cases continue to escalate in some parts of the world and wish nothing more than for teachers and students to be in a safe and healthy environment; and on the flip side, there is the growing concern that years of progress risk being reversed. 
  • Parenting in a Pandemic

    This job is challenging when we’re not in a pandemic. However, I wouldn’t recommend it in a pandemic. There are many things on pause.  Schooling and socialisation. Working in an office and not your home office. 
  • Like Muhammad (pbuh) Loved Khadijah (ra)

    The union of Khadija (ra) and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is one of the most beautiful love stories in human history. The most fascinating thing is that it smashed so many stereotypes associated with women. 
  • Happy Birthday Rosa Parks

    Happy Birthday to Ms. Rosa Parks, an icon who claimed her space and made history for all of us. She would have been 108 today. 65 years ago,...
  • The Choice that Changed Everything

    Amal Ahmad, a High School Senior, shares her life changing experience of choosing to wear Hijab in Middle School. Happy World Hijab Day.
  • Finding Peace at a Mosque in Toronto

    By Sidratul Muntaha, Toronto, Canada Mosques play a vital role throughout the life of a Muslim, no matter where they live. I have spent most of my...
  • Life after Covid: Claim Your Space

    As a Muslim woman, I usually avoid shaking hands with men. Most men I come across with have been respectful of my choice. However, there are certai...
  • My Identity

    By Samina Islam I am a woman of color, a woman of faith, and an artist with somewhat restricted mobility. I feel very strongly about my identity in...
  • Purple Hues of the Inauguration Day

    Equal Entrance was founded on the idea of women claiming our space. Nowhere was that more prevalent than the inauguration this week. Like everyone ...
  • This Inauguration Day, I Will Miss my Grandma

    By Saira Bhatti As we approach Inauguration Day after record numbers of early voting turnout, at this moment you may be wondering if we’re going to...
  • My Masjid, My Home

    By Maariya Rehman The Baitus Samee Mosque of greater Houston is a place I really miss. I, and many other youths today are feeling a strange emptine...
  • Our Story

    In 2014, I started Equal Entrance as a blog where women could share their stories and experiences of attending mosques. It was important to me beca...


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