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Equal Entrance Blog

  • Silenced Voices: Reflections on Election Day in Pakistan


    On Pakistan's Election Day, while many express their sentiments on social media, I reflect on the privilege of voting, denied to me as an Ahmadi. Since the 1970s, Ahmadis have been marginalized, branded non-Muslims, and excluded from the democratic process. Despite proving my patriotism in Pakistan, discrimination persisted. Even abroad, I face scrutiny over my identity. Speaking out against Ahmadi persecution is often misconstrued as disloyalty. Yet, my love for Pakistan remains steadfast. I urge those hesitant to vote to reconsider; it's both a privilege and a duty. Let's shape our nation's future together.

  • Unmasking Hypocrisy: 113 Days of Genocide in Gaza

    In the wake of ongoing genocide in Gaza, the glaring silence of activists and experts raises critical questions about accountability. It's time to break the silence, demand justice, and #Claimyourspace in the pursuit of equality for all.

  • When Art is your Refuge—the View from Palestine

    By Anonymous  (Re-sharing a blogpost written by a Palestinian artist about her artwork) As a Palestinian Muslim woman with a head covering who was ...
  • Reimagining the Workplace: A Hijabi's Journey

    Read Saira’s honest reflection on her experience as a hijab-observing woman in America and find out how her story challenges the norm. Originally Posted on LinkedIn

  • Planting Tree is an Act of Charity

    The National Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Auxiliary has pledged to plant 100,000 trees to mark our centenary, as it’s been 100 years since this auxiliary has been established in the United Kingdom. Tree planting is a demonstration of our love of serving humanity, and practising the peaceful teachings of Islam. Islam teaches us that tree planting is a charitable and noble act. 
  • An Unforgettable Morning with Bilquis Edhi: The Story of our Son's Adoption

    Bilquis Bano Edhi was a Pakistani nurse who helped save the lives of over 16,000 babies. She was one of the most active philanthropists in Pakistan. As the co-chair of the Edhi Foundation, a charity organization that provided many services in Pakistan, she relentlessly worked on many fronts. However, her services to protect babies are matchless. In this blogpost, Alia shares her experience of adopting her and her husband's first child through Bisques Edhi.
  • 14 Years in the US

    I came to the US in 2008 and it has been quite a ride. Sharing my thoughts as I celebrate 14 years in America.
  • The Choice that Changed Everything

    Amal Ahmad, a High School Senior, shares her life changing experience of choosing to wear Hijab in Middle School. Happy World Hijab Day.
  • Jalsa Salana Qadian: A Unique Spiritual Experience

    Jalsa Qadian is a historic event and must be attended at least once in a lifetime to fully absorb the feel of equality, diversity and spirituality in a purely Islamic environment. 
  • Women's Rights in Islam

    Within the speech were gems of encouragement for all women and girls. He spoke about how a righteous woman can be many steps and ranks above men.  Can any worldly organisation be proud of such an assertion?  Sadly, no, as even in recent times, men are treated as superior to women, in pay, respect, and status. 
  • Taliban is Anti-Women and Anti-Islam: Here is the Proof

    When Taliban claimed that they will protect women's rights, we decided to look at their track record to see if their actions actually support their claim. We found out that it doesn't! Therefore, we wrote a twitter thread that went viral and we decided to put it up here.
  • You are Free to Go to Your Mosque

    As an Ahmadi Muslim, I have always felt as the ‘other’ in my homeland. Despite it being the land of my ancestors and their ancestors, I always felt the need of proving my loyalty.


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