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  • Women's Rights in Islam

    Within the speech were gems of encouragement for all women and girls. He spoke about how a righteous woman can be many steps and ranks above men.  Can any worldly organisation be proud of such an assertion?  Sadly, no, as even in recent times, men are treated as superior to women, in pay, respect, and status. 
  • Taliban is Anti-Women and Anti-Islam: Here is the Proof

    When Taliban claimed that they will protect women's rights, we decided to look at their track record to see if their actions actually support their claim. We found out that it doesn't! Therefore, we wrote a twitter thread that went viral and we decided to put it up here.
  • You are Free to Go to Your Mosque

    As an Ahmadi Muslim, I have always felt as the ‘other’ in my homeland. Despite it being the land of my ancestors and their ancestors, I always felt the need of proving my loyalty.
  • Long Term Covid - A Personal Experience

    As UK removes all Covid related restriction, 16 year old Danila shares her personal experience of catching Covid 19 and urges everyone to get vaccination, and to still stay careful.
  • A Bittersweet Mosque Experience

    This Friday, I attended my local mosque for Friday prayers after 67 weeks. I distinctly remember the last time I picked my kids up after their Sunday class on a cold March afternoon. Little did I know that I wont be coming back anytime soon.
  • The EU Hijab Ban and Its Implications

    The European Union is going down a dangerous path of infringing on the rights of these individuals, to practise their religion.  It also means this narrows the number of people who would be available to work. 
  • Those who Inspire Us — Even After They're Gone

    Nadia Saba Qazi (Oct 30, 1984 - June 17, 2021) was a loving daughter, sister, friend, aunt, teacher, educator, bridge builder, community leader, fierce feminist, humble humanitarian and a well rounded human being. Our hearts are aching at her untimely death and we miss her dearly.
  • The Double Standard Muslims Won’t Talk About

    In Canada, Madiha, a Pakistani Muslim environmental engineer, along with her family had her life cut short. A white supremacist attacked and killed her and her family with his truck. On June 12, they were laid to rest in London, Ontario. In Pakistan, a large mob opposed the burial of an Ahmadi Muslim grandma in her ancestral village. As a Pakistani, Ahmadi Muslim, immigrant to north America, both of these incidents painfully hit home. 
  • When Art is your Refuge—the View from Palestine

    By Fatina Odeh As a Palestinian Muslim woman with a head covering who was born and raised in Israel, I had many questions about my identity. My art...
  • Maintaining Prayers in the Pandemic

    For a Muslim, a mosque is the principal place to worship, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and God does not only live inside a mosque. He is all around us. We adapted the way we prayed according to the situation throughout the pandemic, and this kept us close to God in the same way as going to a mosque would have done, and will do, once the situation is safe enough to fully open mosques again.
  • Heaven Found under the Feet of Mothers

    May this pandemic be a wake up call for us to take care of our parents, especially mothers. They deserve much more than a single Mothers Day celebration. Let's give them the pleasure of being close to us, even if it is a meaningful FaceTime call. Let's listen to the tales of their childhood and youth without being annoyed. Lets make each day of the year, Mothers day, for heaven is under their feet.
  • A Head-On Encounter With Anti Ahmadi Hate in London

    On Thursday September 24th, 2020, at the age of twenty-one, I had my first major face-to-face encounter with sectarian intolerance. By September 27th, I had filed a police report against the man who had intimidated me.


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