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Equal Entrance Blog

  • Reimagining the Workplace: A Hijabi's Journey

    Read Saira’s honest reflection on her experience as a hijab-observing woman in America and find out how her story challenges the norm. Originally Posted on LinkedIn

  • The Choice that Changed Everything

    Amal Ahmad, a High School Senior, shares her life changing experience of choosing to wear Hijab in Middle School. Happy World Hijab Day.
  • The EU Hijab Ban and Its Implications

    The European Union is going down a dangerous path of infringing on the rights of these individuals, to practise their religion.  It also means this narrows the number of people who would be available to work. 
  • French Hijab Ban: A Personal Narrative

    A personal narrative of a Hijab wearing mom who accompanied her child to a school trip, something French parliament voted to ban.


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